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,600 here in the d.c. burbs. >>> sandy also caused damage in fairfax county. trees came crash down and brought down power lines with them. this is the scene in annandale. a giant tree toppled and nearly missed clara reynolds' house. >> very frightening. >> reporter: how loud? >> real loud. you probably could have heard it a couple blocks. >> others suffered damage to their roofs. norm richards was inspecting his home earlier today, found a small leak. he used wood and blue tarp to make a temporary fix. neighbors say despite some of the damage they know sandy could have been a whole lot worse. >>> clean-up is going on now in ocean city, maryland, where it is a whole lot worse. it will be a long time before that area recovers. fox 5's sherri ly is live now with more. >> reporter: we're here in annapolis on our way back from ocean city and as you mentioned, hurricane sandy could have been far worse, but that does not mean that the beaches in the bay areas escaped unscathed. here at the city docks in annapolis you can see they have some minor flooding down here. the waters are recedi
york, the hustle and bustle of the big apple is slowly coming back after sandy brought the metropolitan hub to a halt. governor cuomo announcing limited train services would start up a day after the city buses were on the road. >> there will be more service literally on a day-by-day basis as the mta is working through this. >> reporter: areas of lower manhattan are flooded with corosive sea water. as people assess the damage in the queen's neighborhood where more than 100 homes were destroyed by a massive fire during the storm. because of the downed power lines, flooding and dangerous debris, the governor postponed halloween and that is far from the minds of the two million or more people without power in the state n. atlantic city, new jersey, craig bosswell, fox news. >>> new york city and parts of the jersey shore, the epicenter of the storm, there are incredible images of destruction and including the video here. the freed metropolis from the eighth avenue section in lower manhattan. cars tossed about, floating in the water. emergency service lines -- lightings flashing. this is som
diverted for the marathon and they're needed to help the city recover from sandy. >>> mntime, the heart of new york is slowly beating as recovery from sandy picked up a bit. the cleanup is breeding frustration, though, and desperation. millions of people without power, gas, food, drinking water, hurricane sandy not being blamed on 96 deaths in the united states. 570,000 homes and businesses are without power. could be several more days before electricity is completely restored and a gas shortage loom across the state and into neighboring new jersey. many say the situation is overwhelming. >> we have no water at all, no electricity. it's difficult and rough. >> it's terrible. you can't say -- police have everything -- . >> and they see that in other areas are being taken care of and totally overlooked us. >> that sentiment can be felt across new york tonight. rick leventhal reports from cliffton, new jersey. >> reporter: several days after hurricane sandy, drivers continue to struggle to fill up their gas tanks. people waiting in line to stretch for miles at the few gas stations with fu
into place knowing that sandy was on the way. were there sandbags in place. did they not hold. >> i'm sure the residents had sandbags. there was a lot of communication between residents from fairfax county. we received an e-mail from the president of the association thanking us for the amount of help and out reach we provided. but the bottom line is it is in a flood plane. it is in a flood-prone area. the houses are levelly modest homes. salt of the earth folks live in that community, but it has been affected over the years by construction of the beltway and other major freeway; and as a result, when it rains hard, when we have a hurricane or weather event like we're having new, the likelihood of their experiencing flooding is very strong. >> chairman, thank you very much for your time. we help for the best of them down in huntington. >> thank you very much. stay safe. >> you too. >> there are a number of streets closed right now as a result of this storm and some of the damage we've seen so far, high water streets down on a number of streets from barger drive. burke lake road, high water,
are letting sandy wipe out the supporters ' enthusiasm. president obama and mitt romney back on the trail, turning up the heat. tom fitzgerald joins us live in the newsroom. tom. >> reporter: it's been a bit of a difficult dance for the romney campaign. trying to press their case in this election, they have to back off some of the harshest attacks from the president in the wake of the storm. the gloves are back off. the president and mitt romney dove into the campaign with full steam today. in roanoke, virginia, mitt romney met with supporters telling them -- telling them he is confident they will end the president next tuesday and presume amine while, was out on the campaign trail the first time this, we rallying in wisconsin before heading off to nevada and colorado. >> governor romney has been using all of the talent as a salesman to dress up those very same policies that failed our country so badly. the same policies we have been cleaning up after the past four years. >> and we came up with an idea last week, which is he's going to create the department of business. i, i don't think a
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5